Sexual Power for Women — Contents

Chapter 1, In which Patrick is enslaved

Chapter 2, In which the author gives an account of herself and this work

Chapter 3, In which we examine the Loop

Chapter 4, In which we examine the anatomy, the physiology, and some of the psychology of male sexual response, from a practical point of view

Chapter 5, In which the reader is invited to take an inventory of herself for the purpose of gauging how well female domination might suit her



The ability to communicate effectively

The ability to act strategically

A talent for teasing



Chapter 6, In which we explore the advantages a man may find in being a woman’s love slave

Sexual excitement



Escape from responsibility

Permission to reject overwork


Knowing what’s expected

Avoidance of performance anxiety

Altered consciousness

Chapter 7, In which we meet a couple that eschews female domination but still makes good use of some of its techniques

Chapter 8, In which we consider the logistics of bondage

Comfort, food, drink and drugs

Positions, materials, knots, toys and safety

Chapter 9, In which we survey some of the ways a man might be persuaded to accept sexual slavery in a new and uncommitted relationship

Chapter 10, In which we continue our survey by tracing two unusual routes to female domination

Chapter 11, In which we make a microscopic study of some valuable psychological techniques


Staging struggles for control

The ultimate tease


Chapter 12, In which we conclude our survey by looking at relationships with no history of sexual penetration

Chapter 13, In which we address the ugly problem of violence

Bad men


Wearing the black belt

Chapter 14, In which we note that marriages are different

Chapter 15, In which the first of many young wives take charge

Chapter 16, In which Ralph loses eighty pounds

Chapter 17, In which two jealous tyrants are taken down just one notch

Chapter 18, In which we contemplate some insurmountable obstacles

Retarded ejaculation

Childhood abuse

Sex role insecurity


Chapter 19, In which the A-Frame loses a victim

Chapter 20, In which we look to the future