Chapter 10,

In which we continue our survey by tracing two unusual routes to female domination

Denise was a gregarious and aggressive young woman who had been involved in a series of stormy associations with a succession of gregarious and aggressive young men.  We met during her relationship with Tim and we became friendly enough that she freely described its difficulties to me.  I suggested she might make Tim more tractable by using the techniques of female domination, and described to her, over time, my ways of controlling men.  She seemed interested in what I said but disinclined to act on it.

Before the last of their many fights split them up permanently, I chanced to meet Denise and Tim at a party.  He was every bit as unpleasant as her most antagonistic descriptions, and I took a strong dislike to him.

She soon began a similar relationship with Joe, another gregarious and aggressive young man, whom I disliked as much as Tim.  I continued telling her about female domination, convinced she would try it eventually.  It seemed clear that she liked to fight and chose men with whom she had that in common.  I was curious what she might do with my techniques.

Inevitably she broke up with Joe.  When she was sure he wouldn’t be back, she told me, “Next man I get mixed up with, I’m gonna do all that stuff you’ve been telling me about.”

The next man was Tony.  She made sure I met him early in their relationship, and I could see that her new agenda hadn’t inspired the slightest adjustment in her selection criteria.  Tony had the same defects of character as his predecessors, and I found him just as obnoxious.

The beginning of their relationship was unremarkable.  Denise set out to prepare Tony for enslavement much as I later prepared Patrick, and everything went according to plan until just after the first time she tied him to the bed.  He obviously enjoyed it, but the next time they got together, he wanted to fuck her in the ass.  That didn’t appeal to her, and she refused.  He took the position that since he had let her tie him up, she owed him.  She didn’t see it that way, and they wound up shouting at one another.

During the course of their shouting match, she told him that not only would she never let him into her ass, but if he wanted to go on seeing her, he’d have to let her tie him up every time they got together.  He left mad, and when she and I met the next day, she asked what I would do in her place.

Curious though I was to see where their relationship might go, I answered honestly.  I told her I would hope he was discouraged enough to stay away, and that if he wasn’t, I would end the relationship myself.  I would figure that since he had made such a fuss about it, anal sex must be as important to him as female domination is to me, and he would never be happy without it.  Sure, he could be enslaved, and once that was accomplished he could be forbidden to make an issue of it, but I like my relationships light and easy, and I want my partners to be completely happy with me, so I would wish him luck in finding a woman who likes anal sex and I would find a man who doesn’t.

That advice didn’t suit Denise.  She wanted to win her battle with Tony, enslave him, and tease him about never getting into her ass.  Fine!  I could deal with that.  I would have preferred that he be condemned to a life of celibacy, but since that wasn’t going to happen, he certainly deserved what Denise was planning.  I would help in any way I could.

Now, Tony was the sort who’d bump a stranger on the sidewalk, apologize, then give him the finger after getting out of range.  We realized that coercing him into promising to be Denise’s love slave while he was desperately horny, or while he was being tortured, wouldn’t work.  He’d feel obliged to renounce the promise even if he wanted to keep it, just as a matter of pride.  What she’d have to do was turn him into her love slave, then get him to acknowledge that that’s what he had become.


After a few days, Tony called her.  He apologized for his boorish behavior and asked for a date.  Denise accepted and they got together.  When he started making moves on her, she reminded him that the only way they were going to make love was with him tied to the bed.  He protested that she couldn’t be serious, and she said she was.  He agreed to let her tie him.  She told him to take off all his clothes and lie down.  When he did, she tied his wrists to the legs of the bed, undressed, straddled his face, and had him eat her.

When she was satisfied, she sat herself near his hip with her legs folded under her.

“You know, some day you’re gonna be my out-and-out sex slave.  You’re gonna do every little thing I tell you, you’re gonna do it my way, and you’re gonna be happy about it.  When that’s the way it is, I’m gonna tie you up just like this, and sit on that dick, and fuck you silly.”

“What about today?”

“What about it?”

“I let you tie me up, didn’t I?”

“You’re a long way from being any kind of slave.  I’ll know when you’re ready.”

“You gonna untie me?”

“I’m not that mean.  I’ll give you a good come first.  But instead of getting to put it in my pussy, you’re gonna have to let me watch it go all over you.”

She made it happen just that way, and she teased him about it again as his ejaculation began.  “Uh-huh! All over you!”

She kept stroking until he tried to pull away.


She did.  “Sensitive, huh?”

He took a moment to collect himself, then lay there looking at her.

“You come good?”


“Good!  That means you’re gonna be wanting me to do that for you again some day.”

She untied him and started dressing.

“You know, next time I’m not gonna stop that soon.  I’m gonna keep playing with you for a good long time, no matter what you say.”

“You’re crazy!”

“That why I’m gonna do it?”

“What makes you think I’ll give you the chance?”


“Fuck you!”

“No, you’re gonna be tied up, and I’m gonna fuck you, but it’s not gonna be anytime soon.”

“You bitch!”

“Thanks, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  You’re gonna find out just how much a bitch I am.”

She finished dressing and left.


They had lunch together a couple of times during the days that followed, but neither of them mentioned what Denise had said.  She got the impression that either Tony didn’t take her seriously, or he was hoping she would forget, or he expected her to be overcome by a desire to have him fuck her.

The next time they were alone in his apartment, he came on to her as always.  When the time seemed right, she told him, “This isn’t gonna go any further without you being tied up.”

“Shit! You’re crazy!”

“Okay, but I told you that’s the way it’s gonna be.  If you want, I’ll go home right now.”

He decided to do it her way.

She tied him to the bed, finished undressing, and sat down on his chest, one leg on either side.

“You like looking at this, don’t you?”

No answer.

“If you don’t, I can cover it up for good.”

“I like it.”

“I thought you do.  Like I told you, it’s gonna make you my slave.  You’re gonna do everything I say, just because I’ve got this pussy between my legs and you know what a thrill it can give you.”

“I’m not going to argue with you.”

“Good! I can think of something much better you can do with your mouth.”

She repositioned herself so he could do it and had him go on until she was satiated.  Then she sat next to him as she had the previous time.  His cock was more than hard; it was pulsing and dripping.  She looked at it with obvious interest.

“You do like my pussy!”

“Sure I do!”

“Remember what I told you I was gonna do?”

“You said you were gonna tie me up like this and fuck me silly.”

“Yeah, I said I was gonna do that some time.  Remember what I said I was gonna do this time?”


“I told you I’m gonna keep playing with your dick after you come and it’s all sensitive.  You remember now?”


“That’s what I’m gonna do.  And next time I tie you up I’m gonna do the same thing again, and I’m gonna ask you first whether you remember, and if you don’t, or you don’t want to tell me, we’re gonna have to do it again the time after that.  You understand?”

His face looked like he wanted to let loose a stream of curses, but his cock kept pulsing.


“You ought to forget about being mad about all this.  You knew what was gonna happen tonight.  You didn’t have to invite me up here.”

“I couldn’t believe you meant it.”

“Next time you’re gonna know, and you’re gonna let me tie you up anyway, and then we’re both gonna know it’s because you want it.”

She went to work on his cock, and he came in just a few seconds.

“Ooh, you know what happens now!”

She milked him until he was in such a pitiful state, she felt sorry for him.

“I bet you wish you never even thought about getting into my ass.”

“I’m sorry.  I won’t ask you about it any more.”

“That’s good.  I’m still gonna do this same thing to you whenever I feel like, and I’m gonna do it for sure next time I tie you up, just like I said.”

She untied him.

He tried something new:  he thought before speaking.

“I love you, Denise.  I didn’t mean any harm when I wanted to do that thing.  Can’t we make love again without you hurting me?”

“After a while I’ll only hurt you sometimes, but first you gotta learn your lesson, and you gotta be my slave.”

He didn’t argue.  She cuddled him and he responded “almost like he was civilized,” as she described it to me a couple of days later.

When he started drifting off to sleep, she dressed and went home.  He asked her to stay the night, but she declined.  She didn’t want to be there in the morning when he might be horny enough to want sex but not so desperate as to need it on her terms.


The next weekend they went to a football game, then wound up in his apartment again.  This time he didn’t start pawing at her.

“I guess if I want to make love with you I have to let you tie me up and hurt me again.”

“You got it!”

“Okay, I’m ready when you are.”

She was tempted to lie down and have him eat her before she tied him, so she could relax completely while he was doing it, but she knew that that would give him an erection, and she wanted to see whether a discussion of what she was going to do would have the same effect all by itself.

“Good!” she said.  “Get those clothes off your body and lie down.”

She tied him in place.  His cock wasn’t completely flaccid but not really hard either.  She was still dressed.  She sat next to him.

“I’m glad you’re learning you have to do things my way.  How do you like it?—being tied up like this and knowing what I’m gonna do to you?”

“Christ! Ain’t it enough that I’m letting you do it?  Do I have to tell you I like it too?”

“You have to tell me the truth.  That’s part of being my slave, and you better get used to it if you ever want to get in my pussy again.”

He glared at her.  “I think this is sick!”

“Maybe it is.  How do you like it?”

He glared at her a while longer, but the hostility slowly faded from his expression and soon he appeared to be simply at a loss for words.

“Do you know how you like it?”


“Okay, we’ll see how you like it.”

She looked at his cock.

“You know, with you tied down like this, all naked, your dick is mine.  I can rub it until it gets hard, and I can keep rubbing it and make you come, and I can keep rubbing it after that, so you know what pussy power is.  And all the time before you come, you’ll be thinking how it’ll feel to have me keep rubbing it like that, you not being able to stop it, and it’ll turn you on so much, you’ll have to come, and I’ll get to watch you hump the air like you was fucking, and you’ll have to hump, too, ‘cause you’ll be coming so good from knowing what comes next.”

His cock was growing.

“See?  You do like it!  I’m gonna have to do this sometimes after you’re my slave, it turns you on so much.  Won’t that be something?—being my sex slave, and me knowing you get a hard-on for having your dick rubbed and rubbed after you’re done coming.”

His cock was fully erect.

“You know, next time we’re gonna do this same thing again, and I’m gonna ask you how you like it, and you better give me a straight answer.  I mean, if you like it, tell me.  If you’re embarrassed but it turns you on anyway, tell me that.  But you gotta tell me something.  You understand?”


“I better make sure I get something out of this.”

She undressed, straddled his face, and took her fill, then resumed her seat at his side.

“You start getting used to what I said:  your dick is mine.”

She started stroking it.

“Enjoy that as long as you can; you know how it’s gonna feel once you let yourself come.  And I get to watch the whole thing!”

In a few seconds he was panting.  His cock stiffened and he arched his back.

“Ooh, you’re gonna be sorry you let go!”

His orgasm was as spectacular as she’d told him it would be, and she kept rubbing his cock for as long as she’d said too.  He seemed on the verge of tears when she finally stopped.

She untied him, dried him off, held him in her arms.

“I’m hungry,” she said at last.  “You gonna buy me dinner for doing that?”

He groaned.  “Yeah.”

Tony treated Denise respectfully after that, without the undercurrent of hostility that had so often been apparent before.  When they made their next date, it was clear that he expected her to put him through the same treatment.  She got the impression he was even looking forward to it.

As she’d promised, Denise asked him, once he was tied down, how he felt about what she was going to do to him.

“Embarrassed.  Turned on at the same time.”

“Good! I’m glad you learned to talk about it.  What embarrasses you about it?”

“I think how you’re gonna hurt me after I come, and it makes me so I have to come.”

“Heavy, huh?”


“You think you’re my sex slave yet?”

“Yeah, I must be, if I’m going along with all this.”

“Next time we’ll see if you really are.  I got some plans for you to prove yourself.”

“Oh, Jesus!”

She made him come, made him squirm, made him beg her to stop, untied him, held him.  It was going well.

The next time they were alone together, she had him take off all his clothes as soon as the door was closed behind them.  She hugged him and kissed him until he was hard, then backed away and teased him about how he looked with his cock sticking out in front of him.  She told him to lie down.

“You gonna tie me up again?”

“You’ll see.”

He lay down and she sat next to him in her usual position.

“I have my period today.  I don’t want to even get undressed.”  She stopped talking.


She waited a bit longer, then told him, “What I want to do is watch you play with your dick yourself, until you come.”

He looked like he was thinking about arguing, but he didn’t.  Instead he asked, “Do I get to stop when I’m done?”

She laughed.  “Whenever you want.”

He started stroking his cock.

“You ever done this in front of a woman before?”


“See how good it is to be my sex slave?  You get to try something new!”

His breathing was getting heavy.

“How does it feel to have me watching you?”

“Embarrassing as all hell!”

“Ooh, yeah!”

He kept at it a while longer and came.

“Ooh, is that how you do it?  You pull the skin back all the way and stop, so it feels like you’re pushed all the way into a woman’s pussy.”

“It was something!” she told me afterward.  “When I said that, he had this extra little thrill, kind of like a shiver.  I saw it go all through him, then he let go his dick and just lay there with his eyes closed.”


The first chance she got after her period was over, she tied him down again.

“What are you gonna do to me this time?” he asked.

“You’ll find out.  Maybe the same thing we’ve been doing, maybe something new.”

She had him eat her as always, then took her usual seat near his hip.

“You sure you’re my sex slave?” she asked, trying to sound as ominous as possible.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“You want a chance to come in my pussy?”

“Yeah!”  He sounded surprised, enthusiastic.

“I’ll give you a choice.  You know how I’ve been playing with your dick after you’re done coming?”


“I can do that with my pussy, too.  If you want me to fuck you, just tell me, and I’ll do it, but I’ll keep humping you like you can’t imagine!  If you don’t think you can take it, I’ll do you like I’ve been, but I’ll stop before it starts hurting.”


“You gotta make up your mind.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“I thought that’s what you’d want.”

She put his cock in her pussy and fucked him with long, slow strokes, keeping her body near his.

“Remember this good; you might have to play with yourself ten more times before I do it again.”

Soon he was panting.  He arched his back, pushed himself all the way into her, spurted.  She came with him, but managed to remember her mission before he was finished.  She pressed him down to the bed and continued thrusting, keeping herself low enough so he couldn’t pull out of her.  He tried, but she had him pinned.  She tightened her vaginal muscles and kept at it, watching the pathetic expression on his face.

“It’s something, ain’t it?—what a woman can do to you!”

“Please stop,” he sobbed.

But she couldn’t.  She was starting to come again and he had to take it.

When it was over, she sat up with his cock still inside her.  She watched him gather himself together—almost—then she reached back and tickled his scrotum with her fingertips.

“Aaaaaaagh!”  That shiver again.

“That’s what it’s like when I fuck you silly.  How do you like being my sex slave?

“I like it!  Whatever you want!”

“You know, you never will get to put your dick in my ass.”

“It’s all right.  I’m sorry I said anything.”

“Good!  I better untie you.”

She climbed off him and undid the knots.


Tony was hers for quite a while.  They parted, still on good terms, when Denise moved east about a year later.

Tony’s path to sexual enslavement took an unusual twist because his domineering and belligerent style presented Denise with a challenge that she transformed into an opportunity.  Some men have quirks that are very different, but still offer opportunities—often great opportunities.


At thirty-one, Stephan was president of his third corporation.  He’d founded a high-tech company in Silicon Valley when he was twenty-three, sold out at a tremendous profit three years later, founded another within a year, and repeated the process.  He was a millionaire twice over.

The company was a small one, but its product was a sure success, and that was enough for Stephan.  He liked presidencies and he liked making money, but he didn’t feel a need to risk everything he had.

Outside his office sat my friend Linda, twenty-seven years old at the time, beautiful and uncommonly intelligent.  Stephan had hired her as a receptionist, secretary and status symbol.  Though he wasn’t explicit about it during her interview, he clearly intended that she satisfy his sexual needs as well, at least when he couldn’t spare the time to chase down someone else.  He was a notorious womanizer.  I knew his reputation and had told Linda what she could expect.

Inevitably they became lovers.  She found him competent but unimaginative.  He liked to fuck in the missionary position and did it well, but he resisted her occasional attempts to get on top.  Still she liked him and enjoyed their relationship.  Whatever his reputation as a womanizer, he treated her as a human being, not an object, and she appreciated it.

She did her job well enough to become indispensable, and she was a more interesting and personable companion than any of his previous secretaries—probably than any other woman he had ever known.  In a few months, he was in love with her.  When she felt sufficiently secure, she told him one evening as they undressed that she was going to tie him to the bed.  He objected, but she said it was that or nothing, so he let her.

When she finished tying the knots, he was obviously frightened:  his heart was pounding and he showed no sign of sexual arousal.  She straddled his face and had him tongue her through one orgasm, then repositioned herself to see how his cock was doing.  It was ready.

“I see my pussy still turns you on.  Neat!”

She straddled his cock, held it in place, and lowered herself onto it.  As it slid into her, an expression of panic crossed his face.  For a moment he stopped breathing.  Then he looked at her pleadingly and ejaculated.

“Oh, how embarrassing!” she said, lowering herself all the way.

He lay there helpless as his cock continued pumping.

“Wow!” she said, “I can feel every little twitch!”

His chagrin was plainly visible as his orgasm subsided.  She remained where she was, holding his cock in her pussy, looking down at him.

“I know what happened to you.  You started thinking how embarrassing it would be if you lost control and came too soon; and the idea of having me see it happen was so exciting, it made you come.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not!  I think it’s neat!”

She smiled affectionately and thought.

“You know, you’ll never be able to fuck me like you used to after this, because now that we both know how excited you get at the thought of letting me see you lose control, you’ll get so embarrassed every time you try, it’ll make you come right away like you just did.”

Alarm!  “You mean you won’t let me make love to you any more?”

“I didn’t say that.  We’ll make love plenty, but we’ll have to find other ways to do it, especially if I’m going to have a chance to come too.”

“It was probably just being tied up like this that made that happen.  All we really have to do is go back to doing things normally.”

“I’m not sure I want to do things normally.  It’s fun being able to turn you on so much that you can’t control your come.  It’d be a real neat secret for us to share.”

He looked worried.

I’ll tell you what,” she continued.  “Let’s see what happens.  Next time I’ll let you try making love to me the way we’ve been doing.  If it goes the same as always, we’ll know that it was tying you up that made you lose control; but if you come right away, you’ll let me figure out what to do about it.  Okay?”


She raised herself up and untied him.


Linda had developed a good working knowledge of Stephan’s biological rhythms, so she was able to make sure he was especially horny the next time they made love.  She simply arranged to be unavailable the evening she expected him to be ready, so he’d have that much greater a need for release the next day; then she took care to arouse him as much as possible before they finally made their way to bed.

She’d been trying for days to figure out what she could do to make him come right away.  It would have to be something little—nothing as blatant as teasing him about what had happened when she tied him up, nothing that would give him cause to cry foul, preferably nothing that he would even notice.  Well, maybe he could notice, but certainly nothing he would admit to noticing.  What she wound up doing was so subtle, she herself was never sure it had any effect.

She lay on her back to receive him as always, and when he had penetrated her about halfway, she put her palms against the outer reaches of his buttocks and pulled him the rest of the way in.  Her intent was to make him feel there was no escape from what her pussy was going to do to him.

It might have been a superfluous gesture, but if it wasn’t, it worked.

The same progression unfolded a second time:  the panic, the pleading look, “Linda, I…,” the splash of his sperm against her cervix.

“I get to feel it again!  Every little twitch!”

She took his face in her hands.  It was an expression of love for the helpless little boy inside—she really did love him—and it also kept him from avoiding her eyes.

“See?  You’ve really lost it for good.”

“Linda, I…I don’t know what happened.  I…”

“Yes you do.  We both know.  You imagined how it would feel to lose control like that, with me here to share it, and the thought was so exciting, it made you come right away.”

He looked at her with the same pleading expression.

“Be honest with me now.”  She was still holding his face, looking into his eyes.  “Isn’t that what happened?”

It was a while before he could bring himself to speak.

“O my God! This is so embarrassing!”


“You know.”

“Sure! I knew last time.  I told you then, I think it’s neat that you get so turned on to me.”

“Are you still going to let me make love to you?”

“Yes, but maybe not like this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Here, let’s get more comfortable.”  She eased him off her and he lay on his back next to her.  She took his hand in hers.

“There are lots of ways to make love,” she said.  “I’d like to show you some of my favorites.”

“That sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.”

“Well, maybe you can.  What I want is for you to be my love slave.  That might scare you.”

He hesitated.  When he spoke again he sounded scared.

“It does.  What do you mean, be your love slave?”

“I mean, I decide when and how we make love, you don’t have sex with other women, you answer me honestly when I ask you questions about your sexuality—that kind of thing.  I guess the feel of it is, we both know I can turn you on uncontrollably, and it’s a lot of fun, so you give yourself to me to turn on whenever I want, and you trust me to make sure we both enjoy it.”

After a long silence, he asked, “Can I think about it?”

“Sure.  You’ll have to agree before we make love again, but take as long as you like.”


A couple of days later, Stephan left on a trip to take care of an emergency that smelled like a complete fabrication.  Linda knew intuitively that it was to be a sexual adventure, and that his reason for traveling so far away was partly so word of his infidelity wouldn’t get back to her and partly so that if he came right away, word wouldn’t get around to anyone else.  She didn’t ask him about it, or even let on that she understood, and she never had a clue as to whether he came right away with whomever he picked as his partner.  If he did, he decided to return to Linda because she accepted him that way and he loved her.  If he performed normally, he must have found it dull.  What was important was that when he came back, he gave himself to her just has she had asked.

He gave himself wholeheartedly, and their love was like something out of a fairytale.  Ten months later they were married, even though Linda made it clear that she might choose never to fuck him again, and indeed they didn’t fuck during all those ten months.

When they had recovered from the ordeal of the wedding, she tied him down and told him, “I guess we’re supposed to celebrate our marriage by making love the traditional way, so I’m going to have you come in my pussy this one time.”

His cock twitched in response.

“Do you think you can stand a couple of minutes of me, or are you going to come as soon as you’re inside?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ll tell you what.  After I get you all the way in, if you can take one more stroke, I’ll let you fuck me once more after today.  If you can take two strokes, I’ll let you fuck me twice, and so on.  If you come while you’re just getting in, or before I start moving up again, it might be your last come in my pussy.”

She squatted over him, put the head of his cock in her pussy, and started down.  He gasped and came, thrusting his hips to get all the way inside her.

“Ooh! Exciting, isn’t it?” she teased.  Then as his body started to relax and the embarrassment showed on his face, she added, “I guess my pussy’s just too much for you.”


I spoke with Linda occasionally during the years that followed, and when last I heard, she and Stephan were still happily married.  He was still in love with her and still accepted his role as her slave.  About once a year, near their anniversary, she would tie him down and fuck him.  He always came immediately and she always teased him about it.

Because she was so quick-witted and understood the Loop so well, Linda was able to make the most of the opportunity presented by Stephan’s loss of control that first time she tied him down.  With only that as a start, she built a very comfortable life for herself.  She might like to fuck a little more often, but maybe not; after all, if she really wanted to, she could.